Climate change is one of the most important and also one of the most serious things that is happening right now. The world is certainly in big trouble indeed. The Environment is going through some catastrophic changes, and it is all because of mankind and because of our ignorant ways. What is happening is, the temperature of the planet is increasing because of global warming, and this is causing all of the ice in the caps to melt. When this happens, all of the melted water is going into the oceans, and that causes a rise in a global sea level which causes a lot of harm to the coastal cities which are expected to be underwater in the next few decades. Now that is something scary, isn’t it?

Affecting Nigeria

Imagine your favorite beach underwater; imagine your favorite coastal city, becoming a home to the sharks. These are things that we should care about, and these are things that we should try our best to stop at any cost. Right now, the world is being led by individuals that say that climate change isn’t real, and they are also saying things like they do not have to worry about it and more. Well, the opposite is true, indeed. Climate change is one of the most problematic and most horrific things that the earth is facing right now, and we need to understand the severity of the situation and try to make it all better.

Now I will talk about some things that are affecting the Nigerian land. Dry land has become one of the biggest problems. The dry land exists because of the change of climates, and the rainfall has either reduced or completely stopped. There has been a terrible drought that has troubled them for so long. This has caused so many problems with livestock and farmers as well. There have also been thousands of deaths because of this terrible issue that is prevalent.

More than 80% of the individuals there have been known to depend on the natural resources and because of climate change; all of the natural resources are having a lot of problems delivering. They are not able to be delivered at their normal pace, which is undoubtedly affecting so many people indeed. More than 2 million people have been displaced because of this.

Another major issue is that people who are leading the world are happy in their mansions worth millions of dollars and they have no idea what is exactly going on in the world and how people have to struggle every single day for just three square meals. Things are only going to get worse if things do not change immediately.