FRIENDS is literally the show I go to when I am feeling happy, sad, or whatever mood I am in because it is a show for every mood. It is also one of the most loved show on the planet, and it still is 16 years after it ended. It ran for 10 successful years, and the show still gets so much love indeed, When it was airing, it won a plethora of awards, and it will forever be known as the show that gave meaning to so many lives indeed. The show follows the lives of 6 best friends and New Yorkers who all live close to each other. Ross and Monica are siblings, and Rachel is best friends with Monica since high school. Chandler and Joey live together, and Phoebe used to be Monica’s roommate. All of them have had a history with each other, and all of them live in harmony with mutual love and support of each other.


There are a few episodes where they show casinos and gambling. When Joey gets offered a role for a movie in Las Vegas, he goes for it, and Chandler and Monica decide to go to Las Vegas to surprise Joey. Well, looking at this plan, Phoebe decides to join them and invites Ross and Rachel too. They all go to Las Vegas, but Ross and Rachel fly separately. When they reach Las Vegas, they are all surprised to see Joey dressed as a gladiator and that he is working in Caesars Palace, instead of shooting his movie. He later reveals that his movie did not have enough money to shoot, and that is why production was put on hold. Well, this shows that casinos have a lot of job opportunities and also that a person with time on their hands can actually make some decent money in a casino.

a casino.

On the very same trip, we see that Monica and Chandler are having a fight because of their situation. Monica would have met her ex and had lunch with him, and this would be upsetting Chandler a lot. So they walk away, and we see that money starts gambling. She starts by placing a small bet, and she ends up winning, which will make her want to play more and more. She starts playing, and they both make up. We also see that she keeps winning and then Chandler also joins in on the fun คา สิ โน สด game. We see a couple of scenes with them rolling the dice and calling what it would land on.

They portray the whole casino scene in a very light-hearted and fun way which is exactly how we expect it to be.