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Helping the future by taking formative steps that are used to preserve and protect our planet.

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Climate Stabalization

Making stabilization into a potential concept that can be accomplished by a large group of hands.

Renewable Energy

Forming matters for an inclusive world that can be exposed to resources and all that is required to move forward with confidence.


A future that is bright and clear for generations is what we are aiming to achieve at all costs. 

environmental balance

Creating the right avenue for balancing our vast planet so that all kinds of lives find purpose and resources for existence.

To Promotes & Engages Youth on Climate Change Education

Pointing fingers is the last thing that we ought to do since it is time for a change. This particular change needs to be understood by the future of tomorrow that lies in the hands of our children. So our programs aim to educate and transform their lives into helping matters meet for the planet.

Climate Solutions

Eliminating problems with solutions is the right path that we would like to take at all costs.


The right mode of transport needs to be the one that reduces the effects on nature and helps you overcome pollution.


Utilize sufficient resources that are capable of helping our planet and bringing it to a podium where it deserves to be placed.


Making matters meet by constructing buildings that utilize resources to a small extent.


Forming essential steps that are needed for pushing boundaries and making the agricultural sector into an essential one.


Moulding our infrastructure to take the right path and one that is well focused on preserving nature with every step.

Our Climate Change Campaign

Come on board with our mode of solutions that are pioneered to save this planet from breaking apart.

“I have never been showered with so much knowledge about the planet, and I’m grateful that I got to do it at NIGYCC.”

- Erica W. Heilman

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How Climate Change Is Affecting Nigeria

How Climate Change Is Affecting Nigeria

Climate change is one of the most important and also one of the most serious things that is happening right now. The world is certainly in big trouble indeed. The Environment is going through some catastrophic changes, and it is all because of mankind and because of our ignorant ways. What is happening is, the temperature of the planet is increasing because of global warming, and this is causing all of the ice in the caps to melt. When this happens, all of the melted water is going into the oceans, and that causes a rise in a global sea level which causes a lot of harm to the coastal cities which are expected to be underwater in the next few decades. Now that is something scary, isn’t it?

Affecting Nigeria

Imagine your favorite beach underwater; imagine your favorite coastal city,slot games online malaysia  becoming a home to the sharks. These are things that we should care about, and these are things that we should try our best to stop at any cost. Right now, the world is being led by individuals that say that climate change isn’t real, and they are also saying things like they do not have to worry about it and more. Well, the opposite is true, indeed. Climate change is one of the most problematic and most horrific things that the earth is facing right now, and we need to understand the severity of the situation and try to make it all better.

Now I will talk about some things that are affecting the Nigerian land. Dry land has become vone of the biggest jdl688 problems. The dry land exists because of the change of climates, and the rainfall has either reduced or completely stopped. There has been a terrible drought that has troubled them for so long. This has caused so many problems with livestock and farmers as well. There have also been thousands of deaths because of this terrible issue that is prevalent.

More than 80% of the individuals there have been known to depend on the natural resources and because of climate change; all of the natural resources are having a lot of problems delivering. They are not able to be delivered at their normal pace, which is undoubtedly affecting so many people indeed. More than 2 million people have been displaced because of this.

Another major issue is that people who are leading the world are happy in their mansions worth millions of dollars and they have no idea what is exactly going on in the world and how people have to struggle every single day for just three square meals. Things are only going to get worse if things do not change immediately.

The Best Solutions We Should Use To Reverse Climate Change

The Best Solutions We Should Use To Reverse Climate Change

Because of humans, there has been a catastrophic change in the climate, and this problem continues to persist indeed. Humans are the main reason why major climate changes took place and also why it is still happening. The things that were set in motion are some of the things that have not stopped yet. Even if we made sure that we stopped the emission of greenhouse gases right this second, global warming would still continue to persist because of so many other things that we do to harm the earth. It will continue on for decades to come. Every single vehicle we drive is actually releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere, and here we are just breathing it. I have become someone who literally checks the air quality every single day as soon as I wake up and it has become easy because it is all right there on my wrist.

decades to come

We need to take immediate action and make sure that we reduce emissions and also stop driving around 12 joker vehicles that are too old and ones that haven’t gotten their emission tested in a long time. If there is an absence of emissions, the global temperature would get back on track, and the disasters that are happening now would potentially stop. It may not be too late to avoid the issues that global warming causes.

Here are some important pointers.

  • You should make sure that you reduce the use of refrigerators and also air conditioners which release CFCs and HCFCs into the atmosphere. These things are also the main culprits when it comes to the depletion of the ozone layer.

important pointers

  • Make sure that you reduce the use of fossil fuels and also you should make the switch to more renewable resources like solar and wind energy. I see companies like Apple Inc setting up solar farms and then coming out and saying that all of their facilities run on clean and renewable energy, and I feel a ray of hope wafting into the air. This is the kind of thing that I want to see, and you can also do the same. You should install some solar panels on your roof, and you can harness solar energy. This is really beneficial to you too because your electricity bill will not be so high anymore. Solar panels are really useful, and they will give you enough energy to power your home.
  • Make sure that you do not waste food. That is one of the best things that you can do because waste of food has undoubtedly become a serious issue indeed and it is all interconnected, which is why you should be careful.
Biggest Casino Companies In The World

Biggest Casino Companies In The World

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Las Vegas Sands Corp

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Las Vegas Sands Corp

MGM Resorts International

MGM resorts international is one of the best places to be with the 154 meter tall, 600 room resort can give you all kind of joy. This place is art inspired and has some of the finest art displays and also a world-class spa. There is an OTT entertainment which can get you through the right. There is a pub called The Grande Praca which brings together the casino entertainment, fine-dining, shopping which makes for a very integrated resort. At the heart of the hotel is an Aquarium which has given its audience a 360 view of the place. It is easy to forget yourself when you are here, and it has some of the most high-end worth names which will allow you to feel like a royal.

Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Entertainment Corporation

This is an American gaming company who got a much bigger and better option which allows them to spend money that they own and run in more than 50 casinos and seven golf courses. They are the largest gaming company in the world. This gives us an expectation of the things that the one look for in a world-class Caesars Atlantic City. The place is iconic for the betting experience that it offers incredible shows and world-class restaurants. The restaurant includes a Gordon Ramsey Pub and Grill. There is an in house comedy shows which is unparalleled to any other performers. The resort itself is roman themed and has a casino which covers 24,720 sqft and boasts over 3,400 slots which one of the largest in Atlantic City.

Casino Scenes On The Popular Hit Show FRIENDS

Casino Scenes On The Popular Hit Show FRIENDS

FRIENDS is literally the show I go to when I am feeling happy, sad, or whatever mood I am in because it is a show for every mood. It is also one of the most loved show on the planet, and it still is 16 years after it ended. It ran for 10 successful years, and the show still gets so much love indeed, When it was airing, it won a plethora of awards, and it will forever be known as the show that gave meaning to so many lives indeed. The show follows the lives of 6 best friends and New Yorkers who all live close to each other. Ross and Monica are siblings, and Rachel is best friends with Monica since high school. Chandler and Joey live together, and Phoebe used to be Monica’s roommate. All of them have had a history with each other, and all of them live in harmony with mutual love and support of each other.


There are a few episodes where they show casinos and gambling. When Joey gets offered a role for a movie in Las Vegas, he goes for it, and Chandler and Monica decide to go to Las Vegas to surprise Joey. Well, looking at this plan, Phoebe decides to join them and invites Ross and Rachel too. They all go to Las Vegas, but Ross and Rachel fly separately. When they reach Las Vegas, they are all surprised to see Joey dressed as a gladiator and that he is working in Caesars Palace, instead of shooting his movie. He later reveals that his movie did not have enough money to shoot, and that is why production was put on hold. Well, this shows that casinos have a lot of job opportunities and also that a person with time on their hands can actually make some decent money in a casino.

a casino.

On the very same trip, we see that Monica and Chandler are having a fight because of their situation. Monica would have met her ex and had lunch with him, and this would be upsetting Chandler a lot. So they walk away, and we see that money starts gambling. She starts by placing a small bet, and she ends up winning, which will make her want to play more and more. She starts playing, and they both make up. We also see that she keeps winning and then Chandler also joins in on the fun คา สิ โน สด game. We see a couple of scenes with them rolling the dice and calling what it would land on.

They portray the whole casino scene in a very light-hearted and fun way which is exactly how we expect it to be.

Casinos are a Unique Entertainment

Casinos are a Unique Entertainment

Live casino sg are one of the most entertained options for people in their vacations. Unlike the other options such as adventure sports and tourism, people often prefer visiting casinos to try their luck and make some fun money. Due to the thrill of waiting at the games and winning big amounts, it is as entertaining as any other leisure activity that people would want to do during their vacations. Many reasons explain why casinos are a unique form of entertainment and why it is different from other options. Here are to name a few.

It gives back

Casino games are rewarding, unlike any other game or adventure sport. It offers multiple times the amount of money people spend on the games if they win. Also, there are no limits to how much one can win. A person on a winning streak will probably be the luckiest person in a casino at that moment as he or she is making a fortune. As there are not set tags on the winnings, it encourages the players to participate more and aim for the unlimited wins.


Choice on games

Casinos also offer a variety on the games. There are plenty of games available to keep a person busy for the entire day. Every game has a different setting on the playing rules and offers a different winning multiplier. Players can explore the games and choose the one they find the luckiest for themselves. Regular players often have their favourite games while some like to explore every new game that the casinos introduce. Everyone has a choice.

No physical effort

Casinos games are meant for the brain. They do not cause any physical strain or harm to the players while they are playing. There is only a minimum physical effort put in playing at the casinos. People enjoy winning money when the only risk involved in the games is putting some money. Due to this reason, players at casino tables play for hours more than people who indulge in any sporty activity.



Although there is no physical effort put in casino games, it still consumes a lot of brain energy as players need to make the right decisions with their money, moves, and strategies. Many games inside the casinos are not completely based on luck. Games like poker and blackjack offer players to use strategies to pull the luck to their side. Many players choose casino games as a career due to the open strategies which they can use during the games. It gives them the confidence of being decisive and winning over others.

Everything else

Along with the entertainment that a casino can offer, there are other things as well, which makes people want to visit casinos. One can have a good time even while he or she is not playing the games as casinos have other services as well, such as luxury accommodations, top-class restaurants and bars and a lot of complimentary food and beverage. You can have a good time listening to music and having a fun dinner with your friends in comfortable spaces.

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